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    Jenna Finn | Friday, August 29, 2014 13 Comments

    Get to Know Kel & Partners Santa Monica

    Did you hear? Kel & Partners has gone bi-coastal, opening an office in Santa Monica, CA. And guess what? I’m here! In typical K&P fashion, our office is not in some stuffy, cubicle-filled space with grey walls and no windows. Instead, K&P’s West Coast team has taken up residence at Cross Campus, an engine of creativity and innovation.

    Cross Campus Logo

    Cross Campus is a shared, collaborative space. The co-working space is home to over 40 companies from all over the world, and we are so excited to be in such a buzzing and inspiring office space. Not to mention comfortable! There are tables & desks, sure, but there are also couches to work on and plushy chairs to rest in. And you better believe that during the World Cup games, everyone squeezed onto the couches to watch the soccer games projected on a screen over the Cross Campus stage.

    At Cross Campus, we’re always meeting new people, learning about what their jobs are, and watching them conduct business in new ways. There are tech companies, SEO companies, small businesses – you name it, and it probably has a presence at CC.

    Cross Campus Couch

    And, CC welcomed K&P with open arms. We had an orientation, a new-members dinner, and even got to introduce ourselves in front of the whole community after a Friday-afternoon free lunch. I mean, what’s better than free food? Cross Campus also hosted this year’s Silicon Beach Fest, and CC members were given free access.

    We couldn’t be happier with our new location and that the K&P West Coast is off and running. Keep an eye out on Kel & Partners’ Instagram for some photos of our “SoCal” adventures.

    Have you ever worked in a collaborative or shared office space with other companies?

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    Alosha O'Brien | Monday, July 21, 2014 17 Comments

    Cape Cod Is The Best place To Be In The Summer

    Cape Cod Is The Best place To Be In The Summer… you Can Go Swimming In The Blue Water & Go Kayaking Any Where you Like Go Golfing & Go To good places for Lunch & Dinner. If you Like Going To Explore Their Is Bunch of Hiking Trials All Over The Cape Cod. If you Like Some Music Melody Tent Is A Good place To See Every One Who Come’s To perform.

    What is The Best Activity you Like To Do Because you Will find It At The Cape Cod. One Thing I Like To Do Is Going Swimming & Kayaking & Have The Best Time Relaxing. Vacations Is The Best It Gives you Some Time To Be free from Work & All of The Stress you face Every Week lol!

    Cape Cod Has Come A Long Way from Being Jest A Island Where Their Was No Traffic Going over The Bridge & Now Their Is So Many people Going To The Cape They Started Buying Homes. The Cape Has 2 Bridges Because Not A Lot of people Went To The Cape & They Did Not Have Money To Get A Home, So Some Rented & Some Lived All year Round.

    So If you Are you Going To The Cape Cod pleas Make Shore you Have your Sun Block & Bottle of Water & Have The Best Time of your Life Wen you Go To The Best place To Visit Cape Cod Is One Of My places To Go Every Weekend & Every Vacation I Go On To Relax!!!! Alosha


    Thank you So Much

    Big Al!!!

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    kandpeeps | Friday, March 14, 2014 14 Comments

    Open-Office Design Concept to the Next Level – Meet the Superdesk

    Imagine working in an office with a continuous, sprawling 4,400 square foot communal desk. New-York creative agency Barbarian Group just upgraded their office with a newly designed, indoor half-pipe looking superdesk. It was designed by Los-Angeles based architect Clive Wilkinson.

    superdesk photo 01

    Copyright the New York Times, Michael Moran

    “It’s actually a lower cost than if we had done standard cubicles and desks,” explains Benjamin Palmer, Chairman of Barbarian Group, on the company’s web site video.

    Superdesk photo 02

    Copyright the New York Times, Michael Moran

    The superdesk encourages multiple departments of the agency to collaborate and share ideas easily since it’s one unbroken desk. As a shared space, it also promotes organic collisions and interactions as people move around the office. If you want a smaller gathering, there are little spaces and archways people can escape to. Employees seem to like it – and the Barbarian Desk even has it’s own twitter handle @barbariandesk.

    At K&P, we also have an open office design concept. You can see clearly across the modern, industrial space in Boston’s Innovation District when you walk in. In addition to a glass-walled conference room, there are multiple lounge areas with comfy leather chairs and couches where the team can go to relax, concentrate, or chat and brainstorm with co-workers. The open floor plan greatly influences the K&P culture by creating a community where people can connect, slow-down, gather to share ideas, or just catch-up with each other – which is so important in the fast-paced work environment of PR and Social Media.

    Beyond the office design, one of the biggest perks of the office is the scenic view of the Boston skyline, harbor, and airport – which provides a beautiful backdrop to admire. (You can often see K&P peeps posting Instagram and Facebook photos of the gorgeous sunsets with hashtags of #notyourtypicaloffice #viewnevergetsold). The Barbarian and K&P offices both demonstrate how office design is moving away from private offices, partitions, and cubicles to enable people to connect, gather, share ideas, and spread #happiness.

    The view from K&P - #viewnevergetsold

    The view from K&P – #viewnevergetsold

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    kandpeeps | Thursday, February 6, 2014 16 Comments

    What Type of Commuter Are You?

    What keeps you occupied on your public transportation commute?

    Let’s be real. The commute to and from work takes up a good chunk of the day for a lot of us. Walking to the stop. Waiting for the train or bus. The physical commute itself. And godspeed if you need to make connections. How do you pass the time while you’re waiting to get from Point A to Point B?

    The majority of us are lucky enough to own the holy grail of time wasting: a smartphone. With the ability to connect to the Internet, download fun apps, email, text, and you know…actually make and take phone calls, we literally have the world at our fingertips. The options are endless! Which of these things are you most likely doing?

    The Candy Crusher
    DAMNIT I NEEDED A RED JEWEL RIGHT NOW TO CLEAR THAT LEVEL. You know, like when Tetris was a thing and every piece could save your life except for that dreaded stick. Not only have I seen the Facebook notifications, but I’ve heard the whispers on the train: “What level of Candy Crush are you on?” I’ve never played, so I can’t speak from experience, but apparently it’s addicting. I’m a ‘Bewjewled Blitz’ girl myself. Apps are perfectly valid, brain-numbing activities to pass the time. Which ones keep you occupied every day?

    The Internet Troll
    Social media stalking is perfectly acceptable. Have at it! Mentally date that guy/girl you’ve had your eye on for the last couple months and picture yourself in their Facebook photos. Chuckle and think that all of their Tweets are extremely witty. Do it up! You can do this for the entire length of your commute. Social networks are perfect for creeping!

    The Texter
    Texting pre- and post-work feels like a no-brainer. What better way to pass the time than to be engaged in conversation? Make or cancel plans. Chat about the person you mentally dated on your way into the office in the morning. Whatever topic tickles your fancy. If you have somebody to chat with, type as fast as your fingers will let you. It is the perfect transportation time-suck. (A personal request: if you’re not texting and have these conversations out loud, please, keep your voice down. As a fellow commuter, I don’t need to know how your night went – in graphic detail. Please and thank you.)

    The Bookworm
    Ahh. This, my friends, is my commute bread and butter. Nine times out of 10, you will find me reading on my commute. It’s the only thing that really transports me from public transportation to, well, anywhere else. It’s as simple as that. I do pose a question though. Is there a specific genre of book that’s best to be read while commuting? Me? I’m a murder mystery fan, but I’m open to recommendations!

    So who are you, my fellow commuters? If I saw you every day during the daily grind (who knows, maybe I do!), what would you be doing? Are you doing something else that’s so exciting it could switch me from a bookworm? Let me know!

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    Alosha O'Brien | Wednesday, January 1, 2014 58 Comments


    Relationship Is A Story between you & Someone you Love I Love My family So Much I AM So Lucky To Have such an amazing Life I Have Everything That I Need In Life.

    1 Before I Came To United States I Was In The orphanage from Time I Was A Baby & It was Hard Some Times Seeing Some one Get adopted & you Don’t Ever See them again.

    2 I did Make friends Some Were so Funny & It was Cool To Hang out With One of My favorite friends Is pasha He was The Best Ever, I was So Lucky To Be chosen To Come To America I was here With Max from Belarus We stayed with the host family The Joyce’s, They Had Three Sones, dog Danny Ryan, well I was here dan & Jennet Put me in Milton School I Went To Glover school , It Is Weir I Met same, One I Did Not speak A word of English, I All ways Hangout With Hime & His Family & My host family Had To use pictures for Me To understand Weir We Are Going All The Time. I was So Lucky To find Such Amazing family Like The o’brien family, They Are funny Very Cool To Hang out With, My adopted parents Had To Go To Russia To Sign some documents, My Mom & Dad Are The Best Parents Anyone Can Ask for They Give My Life & A place To Live & It Is Their Home Weir I Hade 2 Sisters Sara Lily & 1 brother Same & I AM blessed To Be With The Best family, & My outstanding Job Thank you To Best Buddies Jobs Kelandpartners Is The Best place To Work I Love each and everyone In My K&P Team So Much, you Are My 3rd family you Help Me So Much With My family That Is To Me A true relationship & Some One you trust & Their To Help you , & all ways Their by your side, This Is what relationship is all about My friend’s.


    Happy New year My friend’s

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    Jenna Finn | Thursday, February 9, 2012 11 Comments

    Stay classy, New England

    This past week has been hard – not just for me, but for all New England sports fans. Sunday’s Super Bowl loss was a hard hit to take – and it was to NY, which only makes it hurt more.  But we have to take it in stride. It’s all part of being a true Boston sports fan. You win some, you lose some. You win big, you lose bigger.

    To make matters worse, a company (who will not be named) decided to pull a PR stunt making fun of Wes Welker. On Tuesday, a mere two days after the event, 900 pounds of Butterfinger candy bars were dumped in Copley Square. A women standing next to the candy was holding a sign. The sign read: “Thank you Wes Welker”.

    Now, here is my problem with this whole thing. That is just too mean. It wasn’t only Wes Welker’s fault that the Pats lost. Isn’t the motto “you win as a team and lose as a team?” Also, there is no way that is funny. Maybe I’m taking it personally because I am still getting over the loss (yes, a week later!), but I don’t see how this PR stunt can be seen positively.

    Also not funny- “Bradying”. Don’t do it. It won’t make you look cool.

    If I were from New York  I would think differently about this whole situation, but since I am from the great city of Boston, I say back off and let us grieve in peace – no more not funny PR stunts please.

    What do you think? Do you think the Butterfingers stunt was appropriate?

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    Deirdre Carey | Monday, February 6, 2012 22 Comments

    YMNKM, but I am a SWF, and mom of 2.

    Both my children have cellphones, both text and my teenage son is on FB constantly.

    I consider myself pretty hip. I mean, I own an iPhone, post on FB and wear skinny jeans with UGGS. Yes, I text too.  However, as a writer, it is hard for me not to use proper sentence structure, grammar even when communicating through mobile devices.  I know my lengthy, full sentences (okay, paragraphs), grammatically correct, properly punctuated texts drive people nuts, especially my kids, who I know take one look at a text (novel) from me and actually read it in its entirety.  But all these text & chatting acronyms drive me crazy.

    I have no issue with the ones I’ve known and used since my youth:  BBQ, BYOB, MYOB, FYI, PDQ, TGIF, ASAP, ETC., XOXO (which, BTW, I believe I coined back in the 8th grade as a way to sign all the letters I wrote and passed to my BFF’s in class, and am now wishing I trademarked because everyone uses it today!) And of course, my three favorites: PYT & TLC (thanks to endless hours of listening to my Michael Jackson Thriller album).  And NKOTB (If you don’t know who I’m referring to, then you might not be cool enough to be texting anyway. I’m just sayin’).

    So, in an effort to up my texting etiquette, and have the ability to decode what my kids are saying when I spy on their phones & FB posts, I did what every red blooded American would do,  I turned to Google to find the top most popular text & chat acronyms.

    Here’s my .02.

    YMAK a lot of acronyms, but BM&Y, IDK many!

    KYFC I use acronyms correctly when chatting with BFF’s.



    U may think TPS


    Here are my top 11 (it doesn’t always have 2B 10) new favorites I will use often:

    1)     TNSTAAFL – There’s no such thing as a free lunch

    2)     RUOMCUMHD – Are you on medication because you may have missed a dose

    3)     FCOL – for crying out loud! (An expression my mom used on a daily basis when I was a kid.  That and “I’m going to brain you! WT* does that even mean? IDK)

    4)     GOYHH <insert name> – get off your high horse

    5)     ^5 – High-five (how did I NOT know that one?)

    6)     BISFLATM – But I still feel like a turquoise monkey

    7)     LMKITWFY – let me know if that works for you

    8)     HFAC – Holy flipping animal crackers

    9)     YYSSW – Yeah, yeah, sure, sure, whatever

    10)   RME – rolling my eyes (I will use this one the most!)

    11)   SWAK – Sealed with a kiss (since everyone stole my xoxox!)

    And here is one I’m going making up myself that I hope catches on:

    TSWCOT! – The sun will come out tomorrow! Y? Because it’s positive, it’s upbeat, and I’ve always been a huge fan of Annie the musical TYVM!


    What a GR8 learning experience!


    HTH U2 🙂

    10Q 4 reading my post!


    Have 2 GBTW now 🙁


    PS: Ne1 want 2 add?

    FF to comment.

    No TMI PLS.



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    Alosha O'Brien | Thursday, January 5, 2012 88 Comments

    This Is going To Be The Best year Aver.

    Hi My friend’s This Is Alosha I Work Ate Kel&partners.  I Came to Work here thru Best Buddies. I Want To Shear My Axperians Ate New years. My faverit Is The fiyear Works I Like To play game’s With My family New year’s Is very dafrient Holiday It Is Wear We Look for Wood To The New year & We Hope It Is going To Be The Best One & It Is All way’s Is The Best I Hope We geat Some More Of The Nice Weather Sow Far It Been The Best Winter Aver With out Snow & I Like That My favorit Is Summer Wear I go Swimming & going On My friend’s Bowt & going fishing With My friend’s from NEPVA. I Love going To Plasis & going out To Danner It Is The Best Time I Like To Se Band’s That Come To The Cape It Is Sow Mach fun. New year’s Is The Best Time To Make New Rasalushions On What you Want To Do In your Life & What your Dreame’s Are Like geating A New Job That Is Rite To you & What you Love To Do. I Love Music & I AM going To Se if I Cane Take Music Lasing’s Ate The Shcool I Weant Wear I Took Band Clasiss. I Love Music It Is My faverit I Payd Drume’s Wean I Was In The Band I Love’d going To Plasis I Naver Been. I Did go To Orlando florida A capole of Time’s With Avery One That I AM friend’s With. This New year Is going To Be The Best One Aver I AM going To Play My Music & going In To Work Wear I Love To Be Avery day I AM So very Lucky To Have This Job Thank’s To Best Buddi’s & Kel. This Is going To Be The Best year Aver.

    Alosha O’Brien

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