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    Julia McGovern | Monday, June 17, 2013 9 Comments

    What Type of Instagrammer are You?

    You can tell a lot about a person by scrolling through their Instagram feed. Take a look at my recent Instagram photos:

    Do you think I like cats? Well you’re wrong because I love cats. I have accepted that I’ve pigeonholed my Instagram presence as a Catstagrammer for life. It is what it is. Do any of these other classic Instagrammers sound familiar?


    When I think of the most skin-crawling part of the human body, it’s a solid tie between ass cracks and feet. Belly buttons are a close second. I’m happy to say I’ve never seen an Instagram of an ass crack or of a belly button. So what’s with all these feet close ups? Why, people? I do not want to see pictures of your crooked toes and bunions.

    Hashtag Wh*re

    You know this one. #The #one #who #hashtags #every #word.


    Isn’t there an ABBA song that goes “Mama Mia, here we go again?” That’s what I mutter to myself when my friends with babies Instagram. Don’t get me wrong, I think your baby is really cute in his footie pajamas. And I thought he was really cute in that last picture you uploaded of him. And the last one. And the last one.

    Selfie Fanatic

    I’m guilty of this so I feel entitled to mocking this genre of Instagrammers. If you’re going to #selfie at least get creative. Put away your duck faces and reverse peace signs. I pride myself in my selfie creativity. I’ve taken selfies in the reflection of Christmas ornaments, watches, and liquor store security cameras.


    This is the user who rapid-fire-uploads back-to-back photos every 5 seconds for the span of 10 minutes. Consider your feed flooded.

    Food Porn Addict

    Unless Gordon Ramsay himself prepared your dish, you should be eating it, not taking a picture of it. The dish is going to go cold by the time you pick your filter, type out #foodporn, perfect your caption, and post. Also pictures of soup are only cool if you’re Warhol.


    This is Instagram after all. The whole point is that we are seeing and sharing what is happening in our world instantly. Some Instagrammers only use their account to recycle FB photos from the glory days of college or their innocent toddler years. #TBT is the proper place for these photos, but you shouldn’t only be posting on Thursdays. I’ve already stalked you on FB and seen these photos of you. No need to bring them to Instagram.


    If you have to type it out, then Tweet it. Instagram is about the experience of photographs, not text-packed status updates.


    Listen, I love to see my photos receive likes. But your like means nothing to me if you like every single one of my photos, and every other photo on your feed for that matter. Is nothing sacred? Get out of here with your distribution of a false sense of approval!


    Don’t know what a Catstagrammer is? Follow me at @therealjuliamcgovern for more info.

    What type of IGer grinds your gears? What type of IGer are you – c’mon be honest!



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    Jenna Finn | Tuesday, December 20, 2011 11 Comments

    Hanukkah Ham

    Happy Hanukkah!

    Sometimes people have weird holiday traditions, but you cherish them because they are traditions. One of the traditions in my family is to have a ham at Hanukkah time.

    I know what you are thinking, “I thought Jews don’t eat ham?” and you would be correct. Kosher-eating Jews do not consume ham. My family, on the other hand, definitely does not keep kosher, hence the Hanukkah Ham.

    A few years ago, my father decided he wanted to have a ham at our family Hanukkah party and so we did. Out of that strange (and oh-so-not-kosher) craving, a tradition was created. Obviously, ham wasn’t the only delicacy on the menu. We also had the more traditional and kosher potato latkes (my favorite!), and some delicious Kugel, as well as other munchies and lots of wine! And the desserts! Yummmm!

    But this ham thing, it has garnered some pretty interesting controversy among those who hear about our little tradition. My family has never pretended to be hard-core celebrates of the Jewish faith. We have all had Bar/Bat Mitzvah’s and (some of us) go to Synagogue on the High Holy Days, but other than that, we’re pretty agnostic.  But on Jewish tradition alone, are we not allowed to indulge in non-kosher foods during holidays?

    A look at the Finn Family Hanukkah Party Menu.

    Top: Potato Latkes Middle: Hanukkah Ham Bottom: Kugel Right: Wine

    What are your thoughts? Would you indulge in some Hanukkah Ham if you had the opportunity? Do you have any strange Holiday traditions?

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