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    Jenna Finn | Friday, August 29, 2014 13 Comments

    Get to Know Kel & Partners Santa Monica

    Did you hear? Kel & Partners has gone bi-coastal, opening an office in Santa Monica, CA. And guess what? I’m here! In typical K&P fashion, our office is not in some stuffy, cubicle-filled space with grey walls and no windows. Instead, K&P’s West Coast team has taken up residence at Cross Campus, an engine of creativity and innovation.

    Cross Campus Logo

    Cross Campus is a shared, collaborative space. The co-working space is home to over 40 companies from all over the world, and we are so excited to be in such a buzzing and inspiring office space. Not to mention comfortable! There are tables & desks, sure, but there are also couches to work on and plushy chairs to rest in. And you better believe that during the World Cup games, everyone squeezed onto the couches to watch the soccer games projected on a screen over the Cross Campus stage.

    At Cross Campus, we’re always meeting new people, learning about what their jobs are, and watching them conduct business in new ways. There are tech companies, SEO companies, small businesses – you name it, and it probably has a presence at CC.

    Cross Campus Couch

    And, CC welcomed K&P with open arms. We had an orientation, a new-members dinner, and even got to introduce ourselves in front of the whole community after a Friday-afternoon free lunch. I mean, what’s better than free food? Cross Campus also hosted this year’s Silicon Beach Fest, and CC members were given free access.

    We couldn’t be happier with our new location and that the K&P West Coast is off and running. Keep an eye out on Kel & Partners’ Instagram for some photos of our “SoCal” adventures.

    Have you ever worked in a collaborative or shared office space with other companies?

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    kandpeeps | Friday, March 14, 2014 14 Comments

    Open-Office Design Concept to the Next Level – Meet the Superdesk

    Imagine working in an office with a continuous, sprawling 4,400 square foot communal desk. New-York creative agency Barbarian Group just upgraded their office with a newly designed, indoor half-pipe looking superdesk. It was designed by Los-Angeles based architect Clive Wilkinson.

    superdesk photo 01

    Copyright the New York Times, Michael Moran

    “It’s actually a lower cost than if we had done standard cubicles and desks,” explains Benjamin Palmer, Chairman of Barbarian Group, on the company’s web site video.

    Superdesk photo 02

    Copyright the New York Times, Michael Moran

    The superdesk encourages multiple departments of the agency to collaborate and share ideas easily since it’s one unbroken desk. As a shared space, it also promotes organic collisions and interactions as people move around the office. If you want a smaller gathering, there are little spaces and archways people can escape to. Employees seem to like it – and the Barbarian Desk even has it’s own twitter handle @barbariandesk.

    At K&P, we also have an open office design concept. You can see clearly across the modern, industrial space in Boston’s Innovation District when you walk in. In addition to a glass-walled conference room, there are multiple lounge areas with comfy leather chairs and couches where the team can go to relax, concentrate, or chat and brainstorm with co-workers. The open floor plan greatly influences the K&P culture by creating a community where people can connect, slow-down, gather to share ideas, or just catch-up with each other – which is so important in the fast-paced work environment of PR and Social Media.

    Beyond the office design, one of the biggest perks of the office is the scenic view of the Boston skyline, harbor, and airport – which provides a beautiful backdrop to admire. (You can often see K&P peeps posting Instagram and Facebook photos of the gorgeous sunsets with hashtags of #notyourtypicaloffice #viewnevergetsold). The Barbarian and K&P offices both demonstrate how office design is moving away from private offices, partitions, and cubicles to enable people to connect, gather, share ideas, and spread #happiness.

    The view from K&P - #viewnevergetsold

    The view from K&P – #viewnevergetsold

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