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    Maria Kennedy | Thursday, August 28, 2014 No Comments »

    Ways To Keep Control of Your Inbox

    Inbox Management. Sounds like a futile and tedious activity, but as someone who gets a very large influx of emails daily, it is easy to lose control and feel overwhelmed when trying to stay on task. At Kel & Partners we are encouraged to either have an inbox of zero or to only have actionable items remain unfiled — emails that still require a response or attention.

    In PR I have found that my inbox is the central hub of my workflow. That being said, if my inbox is in shambles, I am not able to preform to the best of my ability. Things are more likely to slip through the cracks and time is wasted searching for old emails. So, in order to stay on top of my game I have stuck to a few rules of thumb that allow me to stay organized without having to dedicate too much time sorting and filing.

    Create Rules For Your Subscriptions

    As a PR rep I am subscribed to many Google Alerts, online magazine subscriptions, and newsletters from various publications. While it is very important to stay up-to-date on the latest news, these emails are not urgent and can be checked only a couple times a day – maybe even weekly. To avoid having these subscriptions clutter your inbox and distract you from more important and time sensitive emails, you can create “rules” that will automatically sort them into folders.  When creating a new rule, you can select different conditions — such as a specific email address or keywords — that must be met in order to ensure they are placed into the correct folder.

    Create Reminders

    Many times when pitching the media, you will get the response, “this is not a fit right now, but please reach back out in X amount of time.” While these items are still actionable, the action required is not immediate and the email does not need to stay in your inbox. Instead, create a separate folder for possible opportunities. Once the email is sorted, not only flag it for follow-up but also set up a reminder. This is done by right-clicking the email, selecting Add Reminder, and choosing a specific time and date. This will safeguard you from ever having to tell your boss that you lost an opportunity for a reason as silly as, “I forgot.”

    Create a Sorting Routine

    The most effective way I know to stay afloat in a sea of emails is to schedule out specific times in which you commit to sorting. Create general folders pertaining to each type of communication that you send/receive – i.e. conversations with clients, reporters, your internal team. Pick a time or two each day that you will dedicate to sorting your email into these general folders. Next, pick a day during the week – I usually choose Fridays – to further categorize the emails into a specific subfolder. Adhering to a routine will prevent your inbox from getting out of hand and making searching for old emails much easier.