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    Margaret Menotti | Friday, August 8, 2014 16 Comments

    Communications Skill Timeless and Priceless

    Strains of pomp and circumstance in 2014 have faded for the latest batch of grads. It is a sentimental rite of passage that evokes deep reflection, bringing both joy as well as angst over where their new degree will lead them.

    Our offices at K&P are a microcosm of the end of academia and focus on the workforce-ready season. The office is absolutely buzzing with the activity of our newest batch of interns. It is such a pleasure to meet, greet, and get to know some of them, and we have been blessed with some truly delightful interns – some of which have been hired upon graduation. The desire to please is absolutely palpable as is the need for reassurance that their major in communications, public relations, English, or journalism was a wise investment that will lead to a desirable job opportunity and fruitful career.

    Yes, students who have studied science, technology, and math – often called STEM graduates – have an excellent shot at landing that great first gig. Awesome for them and their time in the sun! However, I do recall my college speaker from 3 decades ago- Dr. An Wang. He was at the pinnacle of his WANG success during the mid 80’s. However, the company and many of their rock star staffers became obsolete within a short time. Ditto for the “it” hiring companies at that time like DEC, Prime, etc. They were great firms and many had a great ride. The best and brightest of them continued to reinvent themselves and conquer new skill sets and industries.

    The reality is that now, perhaps more than ever, there is an unquenchable thirst for clear, compelling, concise and well-crafted communications. Those tech, math, and science gods that are so worshipped everywhere still need to surround themselves with people that communicate well. There are great communications, public relations, and journalism positions that evolve and blossom for this dynamic set of innovators. Other good news is the “dues paying” hierarchy is gone. Great talent gets rapid reward.

    Within the media industry, the traditional print, television, radio outlets seem to be disappearing more quickly than water in Vegas. Many a journalist and public relations professional bemoans the lack of defined beats, expertise, and institutional knowledge. However, the growth in digital media is astounding, and the footprint is enlarged via social media. The reality is that communications is in huge demand on a 24/7 global scale.

    No matter what your interest, passion, skill, and a flexible mindset have always been highly valued commodities in the workforce. It is no different today. Study what you love, stay curious, be flexible, and work hard. You will reap great rewards.

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