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    Alosha O'Brien | Monday, July 21, 2014 17 Comments

    Cape Cod Is The Best place To Be In The Summer

    Cape Cod Is The Best place To Be In The Summer… you Can Go Swimming In The Blue Water & Go Kayaking Any Where you Like Go Golfing & Go To good places for Lunch & Dinner. If you Like Going To Explore Their Is Bunch of Hiking Trials All Over The Cape Cod. If you Like Some Music Melody Tent Is A Good place To See Every One Who Come’s To perform.

    What is The Best Activity you Like To Do Because you Will find It At The Cape Cod. One Thing I Like To Do Is Going Swimming & Kayaking & Have The Best Time Relaxing. Vacations Is The Best It Gives you Some Time To Be free from Work & All of The Stress you face Every Week lol!

    Cape Cod Has Come A Long Way from Being Jest A Island Where Their Was No Traffic Going over The Bridge & Now Their Is So Many people Going To The Cape They Started Buying Homes. The Cape Has 2 Bridges Because Not A Lot of people Went To The Cape & They Did Not Have Money To Get A Home, So Some Rented & Some Lived All year Round.

    So If you Are you Going To The Cape Cod pleas Make Shore you Have your Sun Block & Bottle of Water & Have The Best Time of your Life Wen you Go To The Best place To Visit Cape Cod Is One Of My places To Go Every Weekend & Every Vacation I Go On To Relax!!!! Alosha


    Thank you So Much

    Big Al!!!

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    Anna McCarter | Wednesday, July 16, 2014 27 Comments

    Pursuing a Career in PR? Some Tips for Recent Grads

    Another school year has officially wrapped, and millions of diploma-clutching grads are joining the rat race to find a job. The lucky few who have opted to seek out a position in the public relations field most likely have gained experience and knowledge through internships and related coursework. But in order to stand out from your peers, a true PR star will need to go above and beyond the norm.

    Below are my top 5 tips for recent graduates pursuing a career in public relations.

    1. Don’t just “clean up” your social accounts, enhance them  – Sure, you’ve heard that your Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram should be employer-friendly and void of keg stand photos. But beyond just cleaning up your accounts, you should show off your social media skills by staying up on industry news, actively engaging in trending stories, and interacting with corporate accounts. Use your social platforms to show future employers what you could be doing for their clients.
    2. Start a blog – Blogging can look great to  a potential employer because it not only shows that you can write, but also shows that you are ambitious. Blog about anything that interests you, even if it’s not industry related. Include your personal blog on your LinkedIn and resume to make sure employers can access it. Also be sure to post at least weekly, otherwise you’ll seem inconsistent or even lazy.
    3. Go on informational interviews – Even if you’re not landing actual interviews, you can email agencies that interest you and ask to speak with someone casually in an informational interview. Oftentimes, these lead to other networking opportunities that could become a job. If anything, you can learn more about what types of agencies are out there. You may decide you like the boutique atmosphere rather than the large corporate scene or vice versa.
    4. Attend PR-related networking events – Organizations like PRSA, and student-led PRSSA are always hosting networking events in major cities. Look online to see what your local chapter has scheduled for this summer. Come prepared with copies of your resume or personal business cards to exchange information as you network. Show initiative by following up with contacts to let them know you enjoyed meeting them and would be interested in any open positions in the future.
    5. Take that unpaid internship – We know there is nothing glamorous about working for no pay, but these days the job market is very competitive and the unpaid internship is almost like a rite of passage.  Most companies greatly value their interns and will attest that they are a key component of a successful agency.  So while you won’t be getting a paycheck, you’ll be gaining valuable experience that will boost your resume and could very well lead to a paid position.

    As a recent graduate anxious to launch your PR career, the summer after you graduate can be an important three months. Make the most out of them with these tips, and you’ll be on the road to becoming the next PR pro!

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