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    Diane Coffey | Thursday, May 22, 2014 20 Comments

    Will Is Dead? A Cautionary Tale About Going Offline in the Connected World Age

    If you’re not a fan of CBS’ The Good Wife, you probably won’t care about this post, but if you are a fan, you’re probably still in shock, as am I, that they killed Will. Let’s mourn together. I know I’m a little late to the party, but I found out a week later than the rest of the world. You see, I was on a blissful vacation in sunny Mexico, totally off the grid for a week – which is pretty much unheard of if you’re a PR exec – when all hell broke loose on The Good Wife. Shame on me for sipping on Pina Coladas, listening to a great mariachi band, laughing it up and having fun with my husband when the unthinkable was happening—they killed Will. Why, oh, why, wasn’t I checking my Facebook page or Twitter feed while I was away?  How did I not see it coming? I’m part of the connected world. Before I went on vacation, I was “connected” right?

    When I returned from vacation and found out what happened to Will, I scoured the Internet looking for answers. I wondered how, in today’s world of social media, when news is shared so swiftly and secrets are hard to keep, this news had not been leaked. There were countless stories, right there online—even one from the producers, explaining why Will had to die—and yet, I had not seen any of them.  Not even one. I was having too much fun being blissfully offline.  Maybe I should have checked my social channels after all.

    I know some of you reading this will think I’m a bit shallow for being so affected by Will’s death—after all, it’s just a silly TV show, right? But, in my mind, Alicia and Will were eventually going to end up together. He was the true love of her life, not her cheating husband, who had publicly humiliated her and made her look like a fool. She and Will had unmistakable chemistry—they were H-O-T together—one of the main reasons to watch every week. How could the producers not see that this would cause a firestorm reaction?

    Even now, millions of fans of the show like me continue to think about what might have been, if Will were still alive.2014-03-31-the-good-wife1

    The lesson I learned here is never to go on vacation and disconnect so completely ever again. Who knows what I’ll miss then.

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