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    Maria Kennedy | Tuesday, April 29, 2014 11 Comments

    Staying Productive During the Winter Weather Months

    Living and working in Boston during the winter you realize one thing pretty quickly – it’s very cold. Especially with winter lasting longer than one would hope, you don’t have to travel far to hear someone complaining about the weather, wishing they were in Aruba rather than walking to work in the snow. So, it is not shocking that some people tend to bring this negativity into the office, affecting not only their mood but also their productivity.

    So how does one combat the cold weather from negatively affecting their work ethic and stay productive throughout the cold winter months and into spring? Below I have included some tips and activities anyone can do to stay motivated regardless of the weather.

    1. Stay healthy. Winter is a time for viruses and bacteria to run wild in office – causing sickness that make you feel drowsy and weak. Make sure you are drinking water, washing your hands, and eating right. While all these seem cliché, they are still very important and can make a difference all year round.
    2. Step outside. Even if it is cold outside, getting fresh air can make all the difference. At lunch, bundle up and go for a walk. Any glimpse of sunlight can give you that extra vitamin D that you need. Make this a habit, and before you know it, spring will arrive and you’ll be able to shed some of your winter garb.
    3. Get a head start on your “spring cleaning.” Most people wait until the spring to clean up their desks and work environment. However, ridding yourself and your workspace of clutter sooner than later can make you feel more organized and less stressed. This is something that should be done frequently – don’t allow piles to grow or your inbox to get too out of hand.
    4. Find an office workout buddy. Ask around the office and it is very likely someone else is feeling the effects of the cold winter. Find someone who also needs a bit more motivation to get to the gym. Hold each other accountable, and you will both feel accomplished afterwards. Maybe sign up for a race in the spring and help each other achieve a common goal.

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