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    Alosha O'Brien | Wednesday, January 1, 2014 58 Comments


    Relationship Is A Story between you & Someone you Love I Love My family So Much I AM So Lucky To Have such an amazing Life I Have Everything That I Need In Life.

    1 Before I Came To United States I Was In The orphanage from Time I Was A Baby & It was Hard Some Times Seeing Some one Get adopted & you Don’t Ever See them again.

    2 I did Make friends Some Were so Funny & It was Cool To Hang out With One of My favorite friends Is pasha He was The Best Ever, I was So Lucky To Be chosen To Come To America I was here With Max from Belarus We stayed with the host family The Joyce’s, They Had Three Sones, dog Danny Ryan, well I was here dan & Jennet Put me in Milton School I Went To Glover school , It Is Weir I Met same, One I Did Not speak A word of English, I All ways Hangout With Hime & His Family & My host family Had To use pictures for Me To understand Weir We Are Going All The Time. I was So Lucky To find Such Amazing family Like The o’brien family, They Are funny Very Cool To Hang out With, My adopted parents Had To Go To Russia To Sign some documents, My Mom & Dad Are The Best Parents Anyone Can Ask for They Give My Life & A place To Live & It Is Their Home Weir I Hade 2 Sisters Sara Lily & 1 brother Same & I AM blessed To Be With The Best family, & My outstanding Job Thank you To Best Buddies Jobs Kelandpartners Is The Best place To Work I Love each and everyone In My K&P Team So Much, you Are My 3rd family you Help Me So Much With My family That Is To Me A true relationship & Some One you trust & Their To Help you , & all ways Their by your side, This Is what relationship is all about My friend’s.


    Happy New year My friend’s

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