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    redheadmeag | Monday, November 22, 2010 30 Comments

    A Boston girl no more….

    Well folks, it’s official. After spending the better part of the last 14 years living here, my term as a resident of the beautiful city of Boston is now limited; on December 1st, I’m packing up my things and moving 7 miles (or so) south to Quincy, MA. According to Wikipedia, Quincy is also known as “The City of Legends.” I find this very comforting. See, to me, Boston feels to me to be “The City of Legends” – the city that I moved to when I was 17, fell in love with and never looked back. And we’ve had an absolutely amazing relationship. I never imagined I’d leave such a loyal partner – but the lure of the ocean is calling this “originally Cape Cod girl” home.

    I thought it’d be fun to share what I’m most excited to see/do in Quincy, and to get suggestions from my fellow Bostonareaonians for the best spots to eat, run and shop in my new town.

    Quincy represents huge amounts of new possibilities, excitement and adventure. If you read my post “A PR Girl Goes in Front of the Camera” I talked about my recent journey to wellness on the Dr. Oz show, via a 90 pound (and still going) weight loss. A huge part of my fitness regime is running – and our new place has easy access to the jackpot of Boston outdoor running – Wollaston Beach. With 2.3 miles of well-maintained (and I hear shoveled!) pavement along Quincy Bay and views of the Boston skyline, the walkway along Wollaston Beach is the perfect place for me.

    I’ve lived in Rosi Square for more than 4 years, and I’m going to miss the bread, cheese and wine shops here. Googling for similar meccas in Quincy netted me this little gem – Lisa Lamme’s Gypsy Kitchen. The foodie in me is imagining many a happy Saturday afternoon spent roaming the shelves, picking up wine and cheese and spices galore!

    While I’m on food – it seems that Quincy is something of an ethnic food mecca – within close proximity to my new place, there are Yelp-approved places for great Indian food (Punjab Café), sushi (Fuji), and even an Irish pub with the same name as the one in my hometown on the Cape (The Irish Pub – clever, no?) Thrilllist (if you don’t subscribe, you should) has just written up that a new Texas Saloon/music venue is opening up in “The Z.” I wonder where the best pizza in town is…..

    I have a track record of getting lost nearly every time I’ve driven in Quincy – here’s to adventure! I’m excited to explore this new part of the area and getting to know it well. I’d love recommendations from everyone that has a “favorite.”

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    Jennifer Brogan | Monday, November 8, 2010 9 Comments

    A Boston Startup I’m Loving

    Let’s set the scene here. You just survived a long day at work, and you climb up the stairs of your city apartment building with high hopes for an evening of relaxation. But what’s that on your front door? Oh man, it’s the dreaded InfoNotice from UPS that reads, “No one was available when we tried to deliver your shipment.” Let me tell you a little something, Brown. I, like many Americans, work from 8-6pm and will never, as long as my career shall last, be available when you attempt to drop off my shipment.

    So, like routine, you log onto website to have the package held at the local warehouse for pick-up. And this is my favorite part. Is the warehouse open on weekends? No sir! Much too convenient that way. Instead, you must retrieve your package prior to 7:30pm on a weeknight. Sounds reasonable. Sure – until you arrive, and every other person in the city of Boston with a job (I exaggerate – but not by much) is also standing in line with their respective InfoNotices. Average amount of time wasted standing in line? I usually clock in at about 25 minutes.

    (Note: Thankfully, I have a car in the city. This warehouse retrieval process is virtually impossible if you don’t. Take it from someone who has walked 2.5 miles with an 8×10 Pottery Barn rug in tow. Not fun.)

    Now all of this griping brings me to a new startup based here in Boston that has come to save day: PickupZone. I was beyond thrilled when I heard about this company at a recent event at Babson College. Finally, someone gets it!

    PickupZone has teamed up with local retailers like Walgreens, True Value, and Ace Hardware in your city, where you can have your packages delivered. And there are no InfoNotices here. You get a friendly e-mail when your package has arrived at your local PickUpZone Pickup Point, which you can grab at your convenience within 10 days. So, you can just pick it up when you’re out running your evening errands, and probably had one of these shops on the “To Do” list anyhow.

    And get this – even if you’ve already received an InfoNotice, you can have that package forwarded to your PickupZone Pickup Point and avoid the warehouse line. Genius!!

    I can’t wait to test this out with my next online purchase. Has anyone else given it a try?

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