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    Jennifer Brogan | Friday, September 24, 2010 23 Comments

    A Fjord-Sized Faux Pas

    This weekend, I’ll be heading to the Arctic for a long weekend in Iceland to accompany a photog friend shooting the aftermath of the recent volcanic eruption. Despite the fact that I’m Internet-addicted and on the fast track to getting Blackberry thumb, I was not even planning on packing my gadgets because they couldn’t possibly be of use on an ice cap called Eyjafjallajökull, right? Envisioning an incredible landscape of glaciers, hot springs, and geysers, I half-expect Lief Ericson himself to cruise by our canoe on the high seas in his Viking ship. Definitely not a place that is “plugged in,” so to speak.

    …Or is it? Upon opening my Lonely Planet guidebook, the first factoid I learned was not about the island’s Norse heritage, but about its Internet usage. As it turns out, 92% of Icelandic households have a computer, with 90% of them having access to the Internet –the highest percentage of Internet users of any country in the world. Whoops.

    Although privy to the recent economic collapse, I wasn’t quite aware of how tech-savvy this little nation actually is. In 1995, Iceland became the first country in the world to have a completely digital public telephone system – and added an extensive cellular mobile phone system that same year. Guess I will be phoning home.

    And even though it’s a nation where there are more sheep than people (they outnumber us by almost 3 to 1), they’ve even taken to Twitter. I recommend following @thisisiceland, @bluelagoonIS, @icelandnatural, and @totaliceland if you’re planning a trip.

    Anyone else intrigued by this little place’s forward thinking and connectivity?

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