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The peeps at Kel & Partners have a lot to say. After all we are public relations and social media zealots who thrive on sharing interesting news and great stories with the public. The Ampersand Blog is really the voice of our Peeps – the kick-ass team of people that work at K&P. Whether it’s a story about the way PR works NOW, the social media universe, our families, beloved pets or quirky travel experiences, you’ll find it all right here. You may laugh, you may cry, but the best part is you’ll leave feeling “wicked smaht” as we like to say here in Boston.

  • kandpeeps Facebook

    | Wednesday, September 23, 2015 Comments Off on The Kel & Partners Social Media Team is Hiring!

    The Kel & Partners Social Media Team is Hiring!

    Are you fascinated by all things social media? Do you dream in 120 character increments with hopes of ReTweets? Are your Snaps the type people want to screen grab for all of the right reasons? Do you roll your eyes at the “teens are leaving Facebook!” headlines? We should talk. Kel & Partners is seeking […]

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  • Ginny Pitcher Facebook

    Ginny Pitcher | Tuesday, December 30, 2014 32 Comments

    My Facebook Relationship Through the Good & the Bad

    I am in a relationship on Facebook. Oh no, no, apologies, I misspoke; I am in a relationship with Facebook. I spend all my time on him and we never get bored. We’ve been through a lot together, he and I. A few things come to mind right off the bat: • Who was there […]

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  • Ginny Pitcher Facebook

    Ginny Pitcher | Tuesday, December 30, 2014 2 Comments


    pin·ter·est (n.): A fun reminder of the clothes I ill never afford/fit into, the home décor I will never afford/fit into our small home, the recipes and crafts I am too lazy to ever make, the saying I wasn’t clever enough to think of on my won, the photos I wish I had taken but […]

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  • Jayne Seward Facebook

    Jayne Seward | Tuesday, December 30, 2014 1 Comment

    Hi. My name is Jayne, and I’m a Foursquareaholic.

    @jayneseward: I just unlocked the “Ten Hundred” badge on @foursquare! As a self-proclaimed “social media addict”, it comes as no surprise that my addiction spans across the entire social media landscape, including foursquare, the location-based social network that is taking the world by storm.

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  • Julia Kacmarek Facebook

    Julia Kacmarek | Friday, September 19, 2014 2 Comments

    Life Moves Fast, But News Moves Faster: How To Read & Understand It In Less Than 5 Minutes

    We’ve all heard it before – the phrase that makes media pros cringe at the faintest mumble… “I don’t have time for the news.” For those of us in PR, it’s hard to think of a response other than, “Bologna.” Our jobs consist of following headlines hourly, so life without it is hard to imagine. […]

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  • Jenna Finn Facebook

    Jenna Finn | Friday, August 29, 2014 13 Comments

    Get to Know Kel & Partners Santa Monica

    Did you hear? Kel & Partners has gone bi-coastal, opening an office in Santa Monica, CA. And guess what? I’m here! In typical K&P fashion, our office is not in some stuffy, cubicle-filled space with grey walls and no windows. Instead, K&P’s West Coast team has taken up residence at Cross Campus, an engine of […]

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  • Maria Kennedy Facebook

    Maria Kennedy | Thursday, August 28, 2014 No Comments »

    Ways To Keep Control of Your Inbox

    Inbox Management. Sounds like a futile and tedious activity, but as someone who gets a very large influx of emails daily, it is easy to lose control and feel overwhelmed when trying to stay on task. At Kel & Partners we are encouraged to either have an inbox of zero or to only have actionable […]

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  • kandpeeps Facebook

    | Thursday, August 21, 2014 18 Comments

    #tbt: A Nostalgic Throwback to Social Media Over the Last Decade

    As a world, we are more connected than ever. Whether tweeting, liking an Instagramming or G-chatting your friends, it’s almost impossible to avoid talking to someone at all times. But what’s your first memory of social media? If you can remember way back when, you used to unplug from social media with a “brb, mom […]

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  • Margaret Menotti Facebook

    Margaret Menotti | Friday, August 8, 2014 16 Comments

    Communications Skill Timeless and Priceless

    Strains of pomp and circumstance in 2014 have faded for the latest batch of grads. It is a sentimental rite of passage that evokes deep reflection, bringing both joy as well as angst over where their new degree will lead them. Our offices at K&P are a microcosm of the end of academia and focus […]

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  • Alosha O'Brien Facebook

    Alosha O'Brien | Monday, July 21, 2014 17 Comments

    Cape Cod Is The Best place To Be In The Summer

    Cape Cod Is The Best place To Be In The Summer… you Can Go Swimming In The Blue Water & Go Kayaking Any Where you Like Go Golfing & Go To good places for Lunch & Dinner. If you Like Going To Explore Their Is Bunch of Hiking Trials All Over The Cape Cod. If […]

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