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  • Alosha O'Brien Facebook

    Alosha O'Brien | Tuesday, October 15, 2013 23 Comments

    My Trip to Washington DC

    My Dad and I Visited Washington DC for To days With hundreds of other people frome special Olympics (SO) and Best Buddies (BB). We Invited By The Massachusetts director of Best Buddies, Craig Welton, To Speack WIth Members of The US government about funding These great Programs.

    we got Together With other So and BB representatives frome All around The Country So That We Could ALl Visit The Senat and The House of Representatives TO ask Legislatores to Support The Euncie Kennedy SHriver Act, which proves Funding for SO And BB.

    SO was founded by Eunice Kennedy Shriver (EKS) to provide Sports and Social activities for Intellectually and Developmentally Disabled (IDD) People. Best Buddies was founded by her Son, Anthony,  to provide one-to-one Mentoring relationships With IDD people. Along with Help in true, So I like to Help Theam whenever I Can. In addition to Scott Brown in the Senate, we visited The offices of All The Massachusetts Representatives, including Mike Capuano, Nicki Tsongas, John Oliver, William Keating, and John Tierney. Washington D.C. 2012 Is The Best Time Aver

    To See All of The Monument’s It is gust So Nice. The Wheather was gust So Very warm on Tuesday. It felt like spring, I like How Their Is police On Hourses In The park Riding & Seeing people. In joying The day, I Like how I get To Spend Time With My Dad. He Is So Very Funny, Going places. with My Dad Is So Cool He All ways, Has Somthing Funny To Say To Make All us Criss & Craig Smile. I Like flying On in Airoplain It is Nice & cool, I Like Looking out THe Window & Seeing Houses.

    We also Saw Some of The great Sites in Washington D.C Like The Washington Monument, The Capital Building, The Capital Mall The Supreme Court, The Smithsonian and many other cool Sites. We ate Lunch in The cafeteria of The House of Representatives, Which was cool because Lots of reps and other important people were eating Lunch All around us The Washington Monument, I was interviewed By National public Radio (NPR) about visiting The Washington Monument , which was Closed Because it was Damaged in a recent Earthquake.

    Each of the offices of The Senators And The representatives Have An American flag and A State flag Outside Their office Door. Some Legislators Also Had A flag Remembering Soldiers That Are Still missing in action, And Some Had pictures in Their offices of The Soldiers That Have Been protecting America around The world.


  • Kel Kelly

    alosha, i am so proud that you represented best buddies massachusetts on this trip. for all the ambassadors and people who have visited washington in the last 100 years, i have no doubt that you were the most honest and kind of the bunch. your dad told me all about the trip and i know he was so incredibly proud of you — as are we. keep up the good work. you embody and radiate all the attributes that matter to humanity. i love you.

  • Andy Clinkman

    Sounds like you had a great time meeting some very important people and spending time with your Dad! Those are some great photos of all of you guys. Thanks for sharing your experience, Alosha!

  • Kate Johnson

    alosha, Wow! It sounded like a busy and fun time for you and your dad. I hope thinking about that trip makes you happy and proud! You are an activist! Honored to ‘know’ you, via Kel!

  • Alosha

    Hi Kate Thank you So Much It was The Best Time I Had With My Dad I Love Hime So Much I know He Is Looking dawn on us & Helping us every day !!

  • Alosha

    Hi Andy anytime it was so much fun going to Washington DC in seeing all of the national monuments and seemed very important people !!!

  • Alosha

    Hi Kel I AM So Happy To Be part of Kelandpartners family & amazing team It makes me Happy To Come In Every Day & Seeing everyone & I AM So Lucky To Have you & Ginny & Deirdre I Love Working In The Best environment Weir everyone respects one A Norther I Feel So Much better Wean I AM With Everyone . Some day I would Like To Right My Life Story about My Number 1 Family who adopted me Wean I Was 12 years old If It wasn’t for them I would Not Be In United States I AM So Lucky To Have The Best family & friend’s & Have The Best Job In The whole wide world !!!!!

  • Heather

    Alosha- Thank you for your work to ensure funding for Special Olympics and Best Buddies! Sometimes the voice of one can become the voice of many. This blog will help people to understand the importance of these programs and will give them a reason to use their voices too. Thanks again- and thanks for sharing!

  • Alyssa

    Alosha, I am so proud of you! This is an amazing piece. Know that your dad is SO unbelievably proud of you and what you have accomplished, and also of what you will go on to accomplish, because you are capable of anything you put your mind to! Thank you for sharing this.

  • Christine Welch

    Alosha, thank you so much for sharing all that you did. You packed a lot into your trip. Washington D.C. Is my favorite city; I love that you can have fun and make an impact while visiting there. I’m a huge fan of Best Buddies and Special Olympics. Keep up the good work!

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