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  • Deirdre Carey Facebook

    Deirdre Carey | Monday, February 6, 2012 22 Comments

    YMNKM, but I am a SWF, and mom of 2.

    Both my children have cellphones, both text and my teenage son is on FB constantly.

    I consider myself pretty hip. I mean, I own an iPhone, post on FB and wear skinny jeans with UGGS. Yes, I text too.  However, as a writer, it is hard for me not to use proper sentence structure, grammar even when communicating through mobile devices.  I know my lengthy, full sentences (okay, paragraphs), grammatically correct, properly punctuated texts drive people nuts, especially my kids, who I know take one look at a text (novel) from me and actually read it in its entirety.  But all these text & chatting acronyms drive me crazy.

    I have no issue with the ones I’ve known and used since my youth:  BBQ, BYOB, MYOB, FYI, PDQ, TGIF, ASAP, ETC., XOXO (which, BTW, I believe I coined back in the 8th grade as a way to sign all the letters I wrote and passed to my BFF’s in class, and am now wishing I trademarked because everyone uses it today!) And of course, my three favorites: PYT & TLC (thanks to endless hours of listening to my Michael Jackson Thriller album).  And NKOTB (If you don’t know who I’m referring to, then you might not be cool enough to be texting anyway. I’m just sayin’).

    So, in an effort to up my texting etiquette, and have the ability to decode what my kids are saying when I spy on their phones & FB posts, I did what every red blooded American would do,  I turned to Google to find the top most popular text & chat acronyms.

    Here’s my .02.

    YMAK a lot of acronyms, but BM&Y, IDK many!

    KYFC I use acronyms correctly when chatting with BFF’s.



    U may think TPS


    Here are my top 11 (it doesn’t always have 2B 10) new favorites I will use often:

    1)     TNSTAAFL – There’s no such thing as a free lunch

    2)     RUOMCUMHD – Are you on medication because you may have missed a dose

    3)     FCOL – for crying out loud! (An expression my mom used on a daily basis when I was a kid.  That and “I’m going to brain you! WT* does that even mean? IDK)

    4)     GOYHH <insert name> – get off your high horse

    5)     ^5 – High-five (how did I NOT know that one?)

    6)     BISFLATM – But I still feel like a turquoise monkey

    7)     LMKITWFY – let me know if that works for you

    8)     HFAC – Holy flipping animal crackers

    9)     YYSSW – Yeah, yeah, sure, sure, whatever

    10)   RME – rolling my eyes (I will use this one the most!)

    11)   SWAK – Sealed with a kiss (since everyone stole my xoxox!)

    And here is one I’m going making up myself that I hope catches on:

    TSWCOT! – The sun will come out tomorrow! Y? Because it’s positive, it’s upbeat, and I’ve always been a huge fan of Annie the musical TYVM!


    What a GR8 learning experience!


    HTH U2 :)

    10Q 4 reading my post!


    Have 2 GBTW now :(


    PS: Ne1 want 2 add?

    FF to comment.

    No TMI PLS.



  • Mdeluties

    Dee, this is hilarious! I’m definitely using the TSWCOT, RME and FCOL. BTW:ITIFS 2.

  • Jean

    FCOL I love it!

  • http://twitter.com/thespottedduck Shelley Senai

    GR8 post, DDCC! ;)

  • Deirdre

    :) My mom would have to agree, Jean!

  • Deirdre

    Dear M,
    Glad I was able to teach you a few new things.

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