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    Alosha O'Brien | Thursday, January 5, 2012 88 Comments

    This Is going To Be The Best year Aver.

    Hi My friend’s This Is Alosha I Work Ate Kel&partners.  I Came to Work here thru Best Buddies. I Want To Shear My Axperians Ate New years. My faverit Is The fiyear Works I Like To play game’s With My family New year’s Is very dafrient Holiday It Is Wear We Look for Wood To The New year & We Hope It Is going To Be The Best One & It Is All way’s Is The Best I Hope We geat Some More Of The Nice Weather Sow Far It Been The Best Winter Aver With out Snow & I Like That My favorit Is Summer Wear I go Swimming & going On My friend’s Bowt & going fishing With My friend’s from NEPVA. I Love going To Plasis & going out To Danner It Is The Best Time I Like To Se Band’s That Come To The Cape It Is Sow Mach fun. New year’s Is The Best Time To Make New Rasalushions On What you Want To Do In your Life & What your Dreame’s Are Like geating A New Job That Is Rite To you & What you Love To Do. I Love Music & I AM going To Se if I Cane Take Music Lasing’s Ate The Shcool I Weant Wear I Took Band Clasiss. I Love Music It Is My faverit I Payd Drume’s Wean I Was In The Band I Love’d going To Plasis I Naver Been. I Did go To Orlando florida A capole of Time’s With Avery One That I AM friend’s With. This New year Is going To Be The Best One Aver I AM going To Play My Music & going In To Work Wear I Love To Be Avery day I AM So very Lucky To Have This Job Thank’s To Best Buddi’s & Kel. This Is going To Be The Best year Aver.

    Alosha O’Brien

  • http://twitter.com/thespottedduck Shelley Senai

    Great post, Alosha! You’ve got me so excited for the year ahead. Long summer days, good music, good friends… hopefully is indeed the BEST YEAR EVER! :)

  • Diane

    Alosha — I can’t tell you what a ray of sunshine you are whenever I walk into the office. Your blog post is the best “evah” (that’s my Boston accent coming through here)…and I agree with you…this is going to be the best year ever!!! 

  • Kendyll

    What a great post to start off 2012, Alosha! And I agree, we have been so spoiled with the weather this winter! Looking forward to an awesome year ahead! :)

  • Kel

    alosha, you have brought more happiness to kel & partners than
    anything else we have done in our ten year history. we love you and
    we’re happy to have you as part of the k&p family. thanks so much
    for writing this post. i know it will ignite smiles across the world.   

  • Julia

    Alosha! I’m so happy I stumbled upon your post. It got me excited all over again for the new year. I think you’re right, it’s going to be the best year yet. PS It’s been my new years resolution to learn the guitar for the past 3 new years, so maybe this is the year I’ll finally learn. So maybe we can jam out sometime later this year. Hope to see you soon! 

  • Rick

    Alosha, you sound like a very cool guy. When is your CD coming out? I want to hear you play those drums! Keep on having fun and be sure to keep Kel & Partners on good behavior (you may need to put a lock on the beer tap)! Happy New Year!

  • Deirdre

    Alosha – your post is so refreshing and positive – what a great read for everyone as we head into the new year!  I hope you get the opportunity to take those music lessons, and we’d all love to hear you play the drums for us (maybe I’ll sing – ha-ha!).  I’m with you – 2012 will be an amazing year!

  • http://twitter.com/jordan_feeney Jordan Feeney

    What a great post, Alosha! I’m with you- I’m so happy it hasn’t snowed! Those music classes sound really fun, I hope you get to peruse that! It’s definitely going to be a great year!

  • http://twitter.com/RedHeadMeag Meagan Shaffer

    Hi Alosha! This post is great  - I am jealous of your trips to Orlando, and that you have friends with boats, and I can’t wait to talk to you about your music lessons! Thanks for making every day in the office so happy and so fun – you’re right, 2012 IS going to be the best year ever! 

  • Alexis

    Great post! I didn’t know you played drums, so cool! 2012 is going to be a great year. We’re so excited to have you on the team :) .

  • Jayne

    Awesome post Alosha :) We are so lucky to have YOU at Kel & Partners and you’re right…. 2012 is going to be absolutely amazing!!! (PS im still working on getting you that Marines hat we talked about before the holidays!!)

  • Julie Carney

    You’re right, Alosha – this is going to be the best year ever! I was hoping for snow, but after reading your post, I can’t wait for summer! Boat rides and warm sunshine are just around the corner. Have a great year!

  • Trish Kozub

    Alosha….thanks for a wonderful post!  Good luck with your music in 2012!  I love music and concerts also…..

  • http://twitter.com/JenniferDz Jennifer Dziubeck

    Orlando Florida?? I thought you hated Florida!! ;-) haha. Maybe you will get to go to your favorite state California this year since it’s going to be the best year ever! And I love this winter too with no snow. So glad to be working with you for 2012!

  • http://twitter.com/MissJRF Jenna Finn

    We are so luck to have YOU Alosha! This is a great post created by a great person. I love it! Here’s to a great year!

  • http://everydayscholar.tumblr.com AM

    I think everyone could learn something about being positive from you! I’m definitely getting pumped for 2012 after reading this!

  • Kate

    Hi Alosha,
    Enjoy your music and working for Kel and Partners this year!  My daughter, Erin, worked in your company and I was so impressed at how well Kel and Ginny cared for their employees as individuals and as contributors.  I know many people who are afraid to write a blog.  Not you!  Hurray!
    Alosha, you rock!
    Have fun,

  • CpHoney2


     How amazing Alosha is. She’s what I would call a God send. Loved reading her blog. She certainly is full of life, loves and interests. I can see why you love her and enjoyed having her as a part of your team. I’m sure she’s going to have a great 2012!! Happy New Year, Kel

  • http://www.enterdialogue.com Tyson Goodridge

    Hi Alosha.

    Nice to virtually meet you here on K&P’s blog. Great blog post- and yes, I agree, It’s going to be a GREAT New Year. And great to hear that you like music. I like music too. What are some of your favorite bands or instruments? Do you have a favorite drummer?

    So this summer, promise me that you take a picture of whatever fish you catch on that boat and send it to Kel, Ginny, Diane or some of the gang. Or just blog about it here. :-)


  • Elise Clement


    Your optimism is contagious!  If we set our minds to have the best year ever, we set ourselves up to do just that.  Kel and Ginny are very special people which makes sense why you love working with them!  I hope this year brings good msic and fun travel to you.  Thanks for making my day better!  HUGS!


  • Jeans

    Alosha, great post! With Deirdre singing and you playing the drums, 2012 is going to be awesome:)  Maybe the Bruins will win again for us! You made 2011 an incredible year for me when you started working here at K&P. You constantly make me smile and bring so much joy to this office everyday.  

  • http://twitter.com/bbphotographer boston baby photos

    Congrats for getting such a great job, Alosha – and obviously doing really well at it.  Everybody seems to love you there!  2012 is going to be great, I agree :)

  • Kathy Soles

    Awesome Alosha.  I loved reading your post – keep them coming!!!!

  • http://our-life-in-the-rearview.blogspot.com/ Mb

    Alosha – You are so right! This is going to be the best year – EVER! You’re very lucky to be working with some of the best people in Boston – Heck! The world. Enjoy every moment of it. Wishing you continued success and happiness in 2012.

  • Davidfajardo

    I love your optimism! The world needs more people with your outlook on life!

  • http://twitter.com/lauraackerman lauraackerman

    Great blog post Alosha!! Kel & Partners is so lucky to have you working for them!

  • Mrnicastro

    Happy New Year Alosha!  I’m with you- happy there is no snow yet and love the summer!  Good luck with your music; my son plays the drums and you have the gift of music in you,too-  how wonderful!  I’m happy you’ve found such an awesome place to work!  Enjoy your best year yet!

  • Gina

    Yes it is! Keep enjoying your music. And I agree, you work with a great bunch of peeps @ kelandpartners. Happy New Year!

  • Katie M

    Alosha, wow! Great post. As a writer, I love reading others’ ponderings. Though I don’t know you, your post makes it easy to imagine what you must look and be like. Your optimism about life is contagious. Continue to spread good cheer by being who you are. We all need more people with your positive outlook in our lives. Best wishes to you for continued success in all you do. Ni

  • grace

    Hi Alosha
    You don’t know me but I have been a friend of Kel’s for many years.  In fact, she and I worked together before Kel and Partners was in existence.  You found the perfect place to work and I am sure you are loving working with the great staff at K&P.
    I loved reading about your interest in boats.  I LOVE boating.  My husband and I used to have a boat and we spent many wonderful hours in our boat.  Hopefully you can do some more boating next summer.
    2012 is going to be a banner year for us all – I am so glad you feel the same.
    Good luck with work and play in 2012!  Happy New Year,

  • Nancy H

    Happy New Year Alosha! I too am glad that we haven’t. Any snow yet. I hope we haven’t jinxed ourselves. Good luck with your music and have a good winter. Summer will be here in no time!
    All the best,

  • DebP

    Happy New Year to you Alosha.  I played the drums in band too!  They were my favorite.

  • Laurie

    Alosha – I’m so glad that you have found Kel & Partners and that they’ve found you! You will have an amazing year. Love your perspective about New Year’s Resolutions, thinking about what you want to do in life and getting the job that is right for you  – such a good reminder to all of us. Here’s to loving what we do in 2012!

  • http://twitter.com/ginnypitcher ginnypitcher

    Alosha! Don’t you just want a little snow this winter? I do! Thank you so much for coming into our office every day and making sure each and every one of us smiles. We love having you here and I know that I couldn’t do my work if you weren’t here to help. Who else would make sure everyone gets their hot chocolate on order, colored folders from Staples and more? Here’s to an awesome 2012 :)  

  • Rmccarthy

    Alosho. You have spelled out life the way more people should look at it. I hope your 2012 brings everything you want. Ginny, Kel and Kelandpatners has found someone great for their team. They have a very carasmatic company culture. Good luck.

  • TaraMarialynch

    Alosha – spell check wants to change you to Alisha – your post is motivating and I too was lucky enough to work with some of your buddies at K&P. My life is better for it today as I see yours is too. Wishing you a great 2012. Let the music play!! Hope to bump into you in sunny Florida!!

  • http://www.eBizROI.com Rick Noel, eBiz ROI, Inc.

    I think you are right Alosha, 2012 is going to be the best year ever. By your blog post, I can tell that your smile lights up the room. I agree with you that no snow to speak of making this the best winter ever, mostly because I love how I don’t have to shovel the rain! Happy New Year Alosha and thanks for spreading the cheer!!

  • Hope Sheehan

    Alosha – It sounds like it really is going to be a great year for you!  I agree that this winter has been great weather so far although my kids would like to get some snow sometime soon to play in!  I was lucky enough to go to Orlando Florida with my family this past March and enjoyed the trip so much as I’m sure you and your friends did.  I am glad to hear that you like music so much and enjoy playing instruments – the concerts on Cape Cod are fantastic!!!  It sounds like you really like your job and I have heard great things about you and your work – keep up the good work and keep posting these great blogs for us to enjoy!

  • Kcarl8

    Hi Alosha, I have to say I am a bit jealous that I left Kel & Partners before you came along. I worked with Kel & Ginny when they first started the company and met so many of the most amazing smart, kind, creative people I have ever known. Cheers to you and your hopes of the best year ever! Kel & Ginny still inspire me all the time! So glad you all found each other! Rock on Alosha!

  • Sarah Ploss

    Amen to that, Alosha!  Looking forward to 2012 being full of awesomeness…it’s already pretty great IMO, since we haven’t had any snow.   Happy New Year!

  • Tricia L.

    Hi Alosha!  Well said!  I’m hoping 2012 is the best as well!  I like summer best too, but I hope it snows just a little!  I used to work with Kel many, many years ago and she really knows how to make a job not feel like too much work.  I’m so glad you found each other!  Happy New Year!

  • Tom

    Big Al!  Great to have you in the office my friend.  I agree, it’s going to be the best year ever!  I hope we both make lots of cash so we can walk around town showing it off like your uncle.  Hahaha!  See you soon.  Tom

  • Beth

    It would be hard not to think about summer all year with the view from k&p! Great blog; I hope your wishes for 2012 come true – that you can take music lessons and have the best year ever. I look forward yo your next post, Alosha! Best to your whole team.

  • http://www.id-fl.com/ Tierney Boulay

    Hi Alosha! You work with my friend Tom, he says you’re great to work with! Happy New Year!!!

  • Pirnik

    Best of luck with your job Alosha! I wish I
    Lived in Boston so I could be one of your peeps!
    Shout out from California for a great 2012 for you.

  • Erinnewberg

    Greattttt! Happy new year!

  • Denbuilds

    Well I hope you have a great year Alosha! It sounds like you have a great job with some great people.
    Happy New Year,

    Dennis Prior

  • Andrea Williams

    Hi Alosha:

    Congratulations on joining the Kel & Partners team. It sounds like a great team and company to be a part of; and they’re definitely lucky to have you. Good luck!!

    Andrea Williams (friend of Tom’s)

  • Gustavo

    Alosha, this is very inspirational, you just make my day uppss make my year.
    Thank you very much!

  • Jorge Richa

    Aloooooshaa!!! Great attitude to start off the New Year, that for sharing … with all the fun and great times you will have at Kel (yes, and a little bit of work too) I am sure every day will be like MUSIC to your ears and ongoing FIREWORKS (of excitement), Enjoy!


  • Worcquinns

    Alosha ~ Wishing you a very happy New Year and hoping you can fit all of your plans in:  music, the beach, seeing friends, playing the drums, working, etc… You are one busy person!  Thanks for sharing your resolutions and hopes for the New Year!
    Ann Marie

  • Ross Penkala

    Alosha! It was great to meet and work with you this past summer even if it was for the short time I was in Boston. This gets me excited for the year to come and I just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year! Thanks for this great post!

    Ross Penkala

  • MeganH

    Hi Alosha

    Happy New Year! I agree, this is going to be the best year ever!

    Keep up the great work.

    -Megan Harris

  • Alissa Nash

    Great post Alosha! Happy New Year to you and everyone at Kel & Partners!

  • Susan C

    Fabulous blog post Alosha!  I must agree with you, Summer is my favorite time of year too!  Perhaps we need to live somewhere warmer in the winter — congratulations on your new venture with Kel & Partners, sounds like you were both very lucky to have found each other. 
    Happy New Year, Susan

  • Kmcdonald25

    Hi Alosha!

    What a great post! I love music too! Maybe you should take some lessons and play the drums again…I bet you rocked at it!!  While I like the warm weather, I also love Winter! I think a little snow could be fun! Anyway, keep up the awesome work….and go play those drums! The world could always use more music! Maybe in another post you could write about what kinds of music you like. Congratulations on your new job, and have a wonderful New Year!!
    Katie McDonald

  • Jill Petrie

    Hi Alosha, Great post – keep ‘em coming. I love summer too — we’re lucky to live right by the ocean! Still, I’m also wishing for some snow. Your enthusiam is contagious, thanks for sharing your thoughts. Keep writing! Cheers

  • Lbkap

    Wow- you have a lot of fun things going on.  I’d love to see more so keep up the great work!


  • Lynda

    Happy New Year to you, Alosha!

  • Aloshaobrien

    Hi My friend’s Thank you So Much for The Best Comment’s On My Blog !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you Are All The Best Aver Alosha   

  • Anonymous

    I loved reading your blog!!  I also love this weather we are having, I think this is the best winter ever too. I am hoping all your dreams and wishes come true for this new year. I am really looking forward to your next update.  Keep up all your good work.

  • Annegilberti

    Hi Alosha!

    Happy New Year!  Sounds like you’ve got lots planned for the upcoming year.  I’m glad you have a job you enjoy.  You have such a positive outlook which is great!  Keep up the great attitude.  I look forward to reading more post. 


  • Fcapodanno

    From your enthusiasm and your desire to succeed it certainly looks as if 2012 is going to be your best year ever. A small suggestion to help you achieve your goals at work, if you aren’t already doing it, Write down what you need to accomplish that day and then stay with that plan, unless a higher priority task intervenes, until each task is completed.

    Best of luck
    Frank C. 

  • Tnfenton

    Hi Alosha
    Loved your post. Our family also loves the Cape – we can not wait for this summer. Glad you had a fun New Year’s – I have always wanted to see the Fireworks. Sounds like you are enjoying your job and working with some great people. Looking forward to your next post.
    Good luck!

  • Kel

    thought people would enjoy seeing a few photos of alosha now that he is a famous blogger. here he is playing with ava.

  • Kel

    here’s a photo of alosha, his amazing parents and some friends at the k&p holiday party.

  • Kel

    there were so many photos of alosha surrounded by gorgeous women, i didnt know which to choose, but thought this was a good one. 

  • Aloshaobrien

    frank you’re The Best Thank you for The blog

  • Aloshaobrien

    Anne Thank you So Much for The Nice Blog  Alosha

  • Aloshaobrien

    Hi All My friend’s Thank you So So Much for The Blog’s I AM Happy To Be Working for Ate K&p It Is The Best Job That I Have & I AM Happy To Be Hear & Do The Riting Alosha

  • Jane M.


    I really enjoyed reading your blog.  We like many of the same things especially this terrific weather we have been having!  I am so happy that Best Buddies found such a great place for you to work.  I know how much everyone at Kel & Partners loves having you there.  I look forward to reading your next update to see how your year is going.  I really hope this is your best year ever!  Keep up the good work.

    Jane M.

  • Amy

    Hi Alosha,
    Thanks for your upbeat blog.  I have been so busy with my work holidays and every other thing, i forgot to stop and appreciate all the wonderful things around us every day.  It is wonderful for each of us to have friends, work and our own unique talents and interests.  I too am happy to have no snow, but i do love to go sledding, that is so much fun, I also like skating on the pond.  I live near the beach and that is special too, it is beautiful at all times of the year.  We are lucky here in New England because we have all the seasons and though some seem long and others not long enough, the change in seasons always makes things seem new and fun.

    God bless you and I hope you reach all of your goals in this new year, surely it shall be our best!

  • Houseofpossibilities

    To Kel & Partners…Thank you for sharing your amazing gift of Alosha with all of us! Alosha, this will be the best year Aver with your winning attitude and the gang at Kel & Partners by your side.  Keep up the great work!!!!!! 

  • Johncapodanno

    Great blog Alosha, keep up all the hard work and 2012 will definately be a great year for you.
    Kel, Ginny and the gang are lucky to have a great soul like you at their company and in their
    Good luck. You’l do great.
    John Cap

  • S_mclarney

    Hi Alosha-

    My wish for 2012 is that everyone that reads your blogs adopts you positive attitude. Sounds like your company is the lucky one to have found you. Wishing you the best in 2012.

    Sarah W.

  • Brian Greenberg8

    Hi Alosha, My name is Brian. I am Shelley’s dad. She always tells me how nice you are. I love the picture she took of you and Ava. I think this will indeed be the best year ever for you and I hope to meet you one day this year when I come up to visit Shelley and Andreas.

  • Dan McQuade

    Hey Alosha,
       Great job on the blog. Happy New Year, I’m sure 2012 will be a great year for you! Keep up your hard work. I here you’re the MVP at K&P.

          Dan McQuade

  • Mpoluikis

    You are indeed a lucky person to be blessed no only with a job, but your many passions, activities and friends. Wishing you the very best for 2012!
    Mary Poluikis
    Cramer, Norwood MA

  • Lori O.

    I enjoyed reading your blog, Alosha!  Happy New Year!

  • Schmer69

    That is so awesome Alosha. Congrats! Hope to see u soon.

  • schmer69. Aka Verne

    This is Verne by the way.

  • Mary Jo

    Hello Alosha,
    Congratulations on your new job!  I have heard that you have been doing a great job and really getting that office organized.  Keep up all of the good work. Mary Jo 

  • BK

    Nice job Alosha. Ring that beer bell for me … and keep those chicks in line!

  • Alosha

    Thank you Avery One for All of you’re Nice Comments I Love Reading All of your Posts. I for got To Add One Thing I Love Taco Tuesday’s Ate The Best food Truck     

  • Lchiofar

    I hope this is your BEST year ever Alosha!  Good luck with the music!

  • Aloshaobrien

    Hi Verne I AM Happy you Like My Blog Thank you My friend !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Aloshaobrien

    Hi Brian Shelley’s Dad I AM Happy you Like My Blog I Can’t Wit To See you This year Wean you Come To See Shelley . I Like The Team I Work With Kell&partners Is The Best place I Love Working With The Best Team . Alosha

  • Linda

    Awesome sharing of your New Year’s traditions, Alosha. How is your saxophone playing coming along? Your friend, Linda