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  • Kendyll Messina Facebook

    Kendyll Messina | Tuesday, March 8, 2011 9 Comments

    My Kindle is My New Best Friend

    Don’t get me wrong: I have real friends, but can they offer me over 810,000 instant books, newspapers, magazines, blogs, AND built in Wi-Fi? For the purpose of this post, the answer is simple: no. I received this life-changing piece of technology for Christmas and have not been able to put it down since. I’ll be honest, even as an English Communications major, I have never been easy to please when it comes to reading. So when I first heard about the Kindle I did not think much of it, and was not that impressed. Oh how naive I was…

    I started seeing the sleek design of the Kindle more and more on my daily commute. The Kindle owners were always so enthralled in whatever it was they were reading, and didn’t even seem to notice they were on a crowded, moving train. They were in their Kindle worlds, happy as can be. I wanted to be a part of that world.

    Life just hasn’t been the same since I became the proud owner of an Amazon Kindle 3. Let me explain a few of my favorite features. The device weighs in at only 8.5 ounces, which is considerably less than some paperback novels, making it incredibly easy to travel with. The font is so crisp and clear on the perfectly-sized screen – you’re free to read anywhere (even in bright sunlight, glare is no issue) – and a fully charged battery will last you up to one month- AMAZING.

    The Wi-Fi connection is stellar and the book selection in the Amazon Kindle store is far from limited. You can buy a book almost anywhere, at anytime, and it will download in seconds. You don’t necessarily have to buy books either, as there are thousands of free eBooks that are easy to download.

    Now, I realize some people are not pro-Kindle as they believe their iPad, Nook, or old-fashioned books are better. I am completely up for this debate, but in the end all that matters is that we are having a great read.

    (Especially if you are reading on a Kindle!)

  • Holly

    I was a little apprehensive at first because I love the feel of a real book, but you have me intrigued! Maybe my tax returns will be spent on a kindle instead of a Kate Spade purse. :)

  • http://twitter.com/RedHeadMeag Meagan Ellis

    I have sooo many books – I love books – but I keep thinking of getting a Kindle, for ease of access and portability. This post has me thinking even harder!!!

  • Kendyll

    Having a Kindle will definitely help you save on space in your home where you would normally store all of your books, and its super easy to travel with!

  • Kendyll

    Holly, they actually make a Kate Spade Kindle case! Even more reason to get the Kindle! :)

  • Michelle

    Thanks for the great post Kendyll! I think I know what I will be on my wish list for my upcoming birthday. :)

  • Deirdre

    Kendyll – thanks for your insight! I have to admit, I have been so hesitant to buy one! Like Holly below, I LOVED the feel (and smell!) of a real book – and when finished with one, I proudly display on my bookshelf (where it collects DUST!) I take the train too – so I might just have to give it a whirl! :)

  • Kendyll

    Dee, I totally understand! It is a little different than the feel of an actual book, but it's lighter and the screen is so easy to read. Also as a fellow commuter- makes the ride fly!

  • Kendyll

    Definitely, Michelle! You could also ask for Amazon gift cards and use them to buy books for your new Kindle!

  • Joe Dawkins

    A Kindle for Kendyll! LOL Sorry just had to, Kendy! Great post, makes me want to get one! I hear they are a great addition to a beach vacation to SoCal ;)